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The Research:


of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are adverseley affected by sensory overload.


Individuals with ASD will experience a sensory overload episode in public at least once in their life.


individuals have reported some form of prejudice from a stranger in public against their  family member with autism.

An APA study found that noise-cancelling headphones, helps the majority of people with autism to experience:

Better Sleep


Increased Confidence


Better Focus


The Audience:

People with little to no exposure to the autistic community. 

The Problem: 

A lack of understanding of the autistic community and how they are affected by everyday sounds and sights, often leaves people with ASD and their loved ones facing difficult prejudice and misconceptions.

Consumer Insight: 

Everyday sounds and noises can prevent people with autism from accomplishing small tasks,  goals, and possibly even big dreams.

Brand Insight:

Because of their noise-cancelling  capabilities, Bose is a lifeline for niche groups like the autistic community. However, this angle has remained untapped in an industry thats marketing communications are saturated with the "athlete-listening-to-music" storyline.

The Strategy: 

Bose will help people with autism feel seen while encouraging them to chase their dreams with aid from their noise-cancelling technology.

Creative Execution:


Strategist: Lili Maero 

Producer: Leah Covey

Co-Producer: Zane Frehner 

Director: Andrew Rhee

Director of Cinematography: Amanda Rasmussen

Art director: Hayley Christensen

Copywriter: Eli Gee

Editor/Colorist: Derek Steele

2022 National ADDY 2x Gold Winner
National ADDY Student Best of Show
2022 Telly Awards Gold
2021 ANDY Awards Gold Winner


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