The unique uses of Bose noise-cancelling technology have not been leveraged to set itself apart from its competitors.

In 1978, Bose began its quest for inventing noise-cancelling technology. The goal was to “develop technology with real and lasting benefits” for the consumer. Nearly a decade later this technology was piloted as an aviation set, improving comfort for the pilot and quality of their work. Bose noise-cancelling technology continues to be used as a solution for a variety of concerns and unique circumstances.


People with little to no experience with the Autistic community. Their lack of knowledge and understanding leads to misconceptions that often hold back and put members of the Autistic community in a box. 


Brand: Bose headphones add quality to lives by improving situations and circumstances of the consumer.


Consumer: Everyday sounds and noises can prevent people with Autism from accomplishing their tasks, goals, or dreams.


Illustrate how Bose enables people with Autism to reach their potential through their noise-cancelling technology.

Through research, I realized that the unique ways in which Bose changes lives are endless. There are so many stories to tell.  

other difficult experiences for people with autism:

  • Sporting events 

  • Malls/shopping

  • School

  • Unfamiliar or first-time locations


Strategist: Lili Maero 

Director: Andrew Rhee

Director of Cinematography: Amanda Rasmussen

Art director: Hayley Christensen

Copywriter: Eli Gee

Producer: Leah Covey

Co-Producer: Zane Frehner 

Editor/Colorist: Derek Steele

other industries/peoples:

  • Garbage Collector/Waste Management Professional

  • First Responder Vehicle Drivers (Firefighters,   EMT, etc.)

  • Airport Controllers, Flight, and Ground Crew 

  • Construction workers 

  • Landcapers 

  • Manufacturing 

2021 ANDYs Shortlist
2021 ANDY Awards Gold