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IBM x Weather Channel Brand Challenge 2020

Note: this competition is under NDA so I cannot go into full detail. However, I will provide as much as I can.

The Problem:
Consumers expected to be catered to with personalized and relevant content, but the weather is still being delivered as a mass, generic, data dump. 

The Solution:
Using IBM Watson, the Weather Channel App will create hyper-customized weather reports based on users' interests.

My Role: 

  • Led primary & secondary research to uncover data-driven insights

  • Helped to conceptualize effective creative executions

  • Contributed to writing and submitting portions of the entry form 

  • Presented to IBM executives and Effie judges

Creative reel explaining the campaign

Digital elements of the Forecast For You Campaign

Copy of BannerAd 03 - Rock Climbing.jpg
Copy of BannerAd 05 - Photography.jpg
Copy of BannerAd 01 - Skiing.jpg
Execution 2 - Email_Newsletter.jpg

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