(adjective): "made of gold", "golden", "adorned"

"i'm giving myself 6 months to get my body back"

This was just one of the many shocking but intriguing declarations made by my recently postpartum sister. But as I thought about it more and dug a little deeper, I realized how normal it is in our society to use phrases such as "bounce back" and "get my body back".


The “New Mom” feels pressured from all fronts to “bounce back” fast, but mostly from herself. She is living in a dichotomy where she wants to love her body but is dissatisfied with it.


“I wish my body would go back to what it was before”.


By creating a positive narrative surrounding postpartum body image, L’Oreal will empower postpartum moms to love their body for what it is and what it has done.



  1. Recognized behavior among postpartum women

  2. Did a deep dive into research by conducting secondary and primary research

  3. Identified key insights

  4. Researched and identified brands that could have a voice in the issue (L'Oreal was chosen because of their authority in the beauty industry and room for taking a position on social issues regarding beauty) 

  5. Developed a creative strategy

  6. Pitched the idea to the creative team

  7. Worked "in the trenches" with the creative team through completion

the strategic process


Director: Josh Lee

Director of Photography:  Liv Johnston

Art Director: Sarah Gledhill

Copywriter: Emily Vanderwerken

Strategist/Art PA: Lili Maero 

Producer: Leah Nelson

2021 ANDYs Shortlist
2021 National ADDY Gold - Television Advertising
2021 National ADDY Silver - Copywriting
2021 District Student Best of Show
2021 District Gold ADDYs x2
2021 District Silver ADDYs
2021 Utah Silver ADDYs x3: Copywriting, Art Direction, TV Single Spot