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self conscious about using the restroom at your significant others? 

You're not the only one. 


The "young lovers" are still in that stage where everything is perfect and their partner can do no wrong. Doing their best to impress, they dread the inevitable moment that the rose-tinted glasses come off. 


I don’t want to be seen in an unflattering light by using the bathroom around him/her too early on.


By positioning Poo-Pourri as the safeguard of romance, it will become the third and essential wheel of the relationship.

journey map: "young lovers"


- Boy meets girl

- Feelings are developed

- Relationship, both official         or unofficial begins

- The honeymoon phase

- New, fun, exciting

- Best foot forward

- The other can do no wrong

- Inevitable bodily functions       can't be hidden

- Love bubble is popped

- Significant other in a less           flattering light

social campaign

Being not only young-in-love, but young-in-age, a social media campaign was determined to be most effective in reaching the target audience.

youtube pre-roll

instagram story


out-of-home print

To bring dimension to the campaign, we included out-of-home print that would be placed in public bathroom stalls. This would be a time and place where gen-z and millenials attention can be captured as they are looking for entertainment while on the loo. 

Poo Pourri Print 1 Final.jpeg

Poo Pourri Print 2 final1.jpeg


Account/Strategy: Lili Maero

Art Director: Caitie Osborn 

Copywriter: Emily Vanderwerken

Content Creator: Maggie Broadbent

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